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Social Enterprise Profile: The Good Lobby

There are a lot of organizations out there trying to make the world a more just and equitable place. The Good Lobby is one of them.

The Good Lobby started in 2015 as a volunteer-based civic start-up. Today, its paid staff work from offices in Brussels and Milan use the numerous resources that the organization has at its disposal to help make lobbying a powerful means of promoting social change.

One of the The Good Lobby’s main activities is to match grassroots projects to people in a network of powerful lobbyists that includes philanthropists, consultants, and volunteers from law firms and a variety of progressive companies. The organization also offers:

  • Educational opportunities in subjects such as communication, activism, lobbying, and other forms of participatory politics
  • An incubator for promising, citizen-driven projects
  • Campaign support behind projects that meet their criteria
  • A community of people and organizations ready to learn more about how effective lobbying can make a difference in the world
  • A yearly awards program recognizing the efforts of individuals and organizations in nine different categories who have successfully brought about social change

You can read about some of the ways that The Good Lobby has impacted other organizations and larger society here:

Organizations like The Good Lobby are very important. Effective lobbying is a skill – it’s difficult to know, especially when you’re a new social impact organization that may have few connections, what the best way is to make your voice heard and how to meet the people that you need to in order to get your message in front of those who need to hear it most. The skills education, opportunities for meeting people, and opportunities to craft the most effective lobbying strategy possible make The Good Lobby an invaluable resource!

Unfortunately, it looks like their activities are primarily based in Europe at the moment, but I’m sure they’d be a great partner for someone who wanted to try something similar in Canada…could it be you?

Best Regards,

The Community Innovation Staff


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