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Bridging the Gap Through Dancing

Late in 2020, Peter Miller interviewed Sarah Robichaud for our Giveback Economy Podcast. Sarah is a dancer, choreographer, writer, tv star and founder of an organization called Dancing with Parkinson’s.

Dancing with Parkinson’s (DWP) gives seniors with Parkinson’s disease a fun, safe environment in which they can connect with others through dance. The experience reduces isolation in seniors by letting them be a part of an artistic community, and gives them a chance to both get some exercise and to enjoy the dancing experience. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Sarah has shifted to offering sessions virtually, 7 days a week.

She has also spearheaded two Bridging Generations Through Dance Projects, where seniors involved with DWP and youth from the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre used dance and the choreographic process to connect with and learn from each other. Michael Krauss Productions caught moments from the latest Bridging Generations through Dance Project on film and created a short documentary out of the footage, available for viewing on the Michael Krauss website and on the DWP website.

Sarah was recently declared a Community Hero by the MLSE/LG #LifesGood initiative. See what she did when she found out!

To learn more about Sarah Robichaud and her work, listen to her full conversation with Peter Miller on the Giveback Economy Podcast. And check out the Dancing with Parkinson’s program! It is free of charge and runs 7 days a week –> 

Thank you, Sarah Robichaud, for your commitment to making your community a better place!


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