Hopeful Economics UnConference Happening March 3-5

EDGE: A Network for Ministry Development, the social research and development arm of the United Church of Canada, invites people to gather virtually with partners from across the faith and social sectors during the first week in March to consider the question, “What is hopeful economics?”

The “Hopeful Economics unconference” runs on March 3, 4, and 5th. Hopeful economics is a way of looking at the world’s assets and abundance and determining how they can work for everyone.  During an Unconference, topics and discussions are informed by the people who show up! During this 3-day unConference we’ll talk about how to:

  • See abundance and hope.
  • Use active listening skills and translate what we hear and see.
  • Build collaboration through our commonalities.
  • Lean into the problem.
  • Connect with others across North America and in our neighbourhoods.

 On March 3, participate with fellow unconference attendees in information sessions about topics such as social enterprise, social justice, and their histories with each other and with the church.

The day will prepare you well for March 4’s morning fishbowl discussions and small group follow-up discussions on Communities of Faith and Social Purpose. During the afternoon on March 4, you’ll play “Mission Possible,” an interactive game where you will be put into teams to address a challenge that has been posed to you.

March 5 starts with an Open Space: LIVE session where you can join groups across the country to hear how they’re addressing systemic issues and talk about work that goes on in your community to address them. Lean into the issues that affect you most and take ideas for addressing them that come from brainstorming with your new connections into the afternoon session, where you’ll connect with local groups about what you’ve learned and how to action it.

The Unconference also features, discussion boards, gamifcation, and a virtual Exhibitor Section with booths. We guarantee that your participation in the unconference will result in new connections and new ideas or you’ll get your money back!

Cost: $20/person. Community Innovation Hub members can send as many people as they want for free and can also set up a virtual booth for no cost. Email info@communityinnovationhub.org for more information on becoming a member.

For more information on the Hopeful Economics Unconference, view the conference agenda. You can register here.

The Hopeful Economics Unconference is made possible by a donation from the Metcalfe Foundation.

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