Welcome 2021!

Happy New Year everyone! 2021 is here. We here at the Community Innovation Hub are hard at work putting our plans for the new year into action. New projects on the horizon include:

  • Our three-day virtual “Unconference” in March, designed for people interested in connecting and networking with others, leveraging our collective experience and ideas to bring about the economic and systemic change necessary to create just and equitable communities. You’ll finish the three days with new connections or new ideas, or you’ll get your money back. Community Innovation Hub membership includes 5 free passes – a $100 value!
  • Virtual social innovation challenges in eight Canadian locations: Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina ,Winnipeg, Kitchener, Toronto, Thunder Bay, and St. John’s .Dates and additional information to follow soon!

And, of course, we will continue to:

  • Increase membership and opportunities for peer support. We’ve already set the dates for monthly Gatherings and welcome your input on what would make them most useful for you. 
  • Work with  members to optimize RingCentral and assist them  to use it as effectively as possible. The kits that Sarah has edited are currently available for download for members; we will continue to post finished kits on the app. We hope that RingCentral will provide a way for members to easily connect and support each other.
  • Edit and format more of the Community Innovation Hub Kits to make available to the membership, partners, and to the UCRD for sale on its website.
  • Continue to record interviews for the “Giveback Economy” podcast and promote them as part of the social media strategy. You can always access the podcasts from our website.
  • Continue to develop and update the website, blog, and YouTube channel.

Check out our year-end report for 2020! Use the Download button under the image.

Email Sarah at info@communityinnovationhub.org to ask questions about our plans for the year. Onward and upward!

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