Carla Mumar, Climate Change, and Creating Solutions!

Peter Miller “met” Carla Mumar at SIX Wayfinder’s recent Ensembling event, part of their World 2020 series. We covered the World 2020 series in our last post!

Carla, who lives in the Phillipines, is the sole proprietor of Scale Solutions, a social enterprise that empowers underserved students and young professionals. She and her staff of interns and volunteers (no full-time staff – yet!) provide free skills workshops in:

  • GRIT – Getting Ready for Inclusion Today
  • Growth Mindset
  • Innovation. 

Scale Solutions funds its free workshops by offering companies the following services: 

  • Human Resources Consultancy
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Workshops/Talks: GRIT & Growth Mindset

Scale Solutions also receives funding from sponsorships and donations, both individual and corporate.

Climathon Project

In 2019, Scale Solutions aligned itself with Climate-KIC’s Climathon Project, hosting a pitch challenge for local solutions for the climate crisis. Winners of the pitch challenge, located in the city of Pasiq, got support to implement their solutions in Pasiq, and went went on to represent the Philipines at the Global Climathon Awards.

Climate-KIC lets citizens take climate action through ideathons and partnering with local government units. 

Scale Solutions will participate in Climathon again in 2020, with online events in three different cities:

All money raised helps fund the implementation of the winning solution for two both Pasig and Silang!

Thank you, Carla Mumbar, for your important work! 

Do you want to know what you can do to start a social enterprise that makes a difference in the world? Contact us at

In Community,

Carla, Peter, and Sarah

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