SIX Wayfinder – World 2020

Hey Everyone!

We just wanted to check in with some updates on what’s going on with us and some information about events that might interest you!

Peter participated in an event organized by SIX Wayfinder. In 2020, SIX Wayfinder is “tuning into the social innovation happening now” by “tuning in to how we are renewing our relationships with each other and the earth: in our lives, in work, in production, in our social contracts and safety nets, in governance and in the local and global spheres of thinking, behaving and relating.”

What an exciting journey! Please consider joining the other events that they have planned for their World 2020 visioning series. The next event is a discussion: How to Support Community Innovation Through Bridging Across Sectors on Oct 27, 10 am GMT (6 am EDT)

In this Open Duet, we are bringing together two global thinkers/doers from Malaysia and Greece — Amalia Zepou (Greece) and Hamdan Majeed (Malaysia), to reflect on community innovation through bridging across sectors.

From Six waywinders website

Upcoming SIX Wayfinder events include:

To learn more about SIX Wayfinder’s past projects, check out Wayfinder London 2017 and Wayfinder Istanbul 2018, and subscribe to the Wayfinder newsletter.

World 2020 is sponsored by McConnell Foundation, Saputo FoundationSuncor Energy Foundation, and Imece

We are not having a Gathering this month, but stayed tuned for news about next month’s Gathering. Hope to see everyone there!

In Community,

Carla, Peter, and Sarah

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